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I Can Drink Again! And Even BETTER News!

This is Sarah opening a bottle of Sam Cooper's wine, a lovely white burgundy. But keep it on the downlow. The physician's assistant okayed it, but we're not going to tell Dr. Srour.

The reason I have to be careful about alcohol is because the three doses of chemo I got--which were to soften up my immune system so it wouldn't fight my re-engineered white blood cells they put into me, not for the cancer itself--were pretty good doses and it does a real number on your liver. Having a healthy liver is really important to me. Amazing how easy it is to not drink under these circumstances!

Then, Wednesday, the day after I got back from Houston, I was on the mountain for yet another clinic for ski instructors that is part of my desperate bid to get certified as a PSIA Level 1 ski instructor. It was beautiful, just us and a horde of local kids training for ski racing on the run we were on. The sun trying to break through the clouds, snow squalls would blow through and then the clouds would part and the sun shine down on us.

My phone rang. It was a Houston area code. But I coudn't take it!

As soon as I got back to my car, I listened to the voicemail. "Good news!" the doctor said. Those suspicious nodules remain stable--still 40 to 30 percent smaller than they had been, which is really really good. But the second scan, which measures the energy cells emit, found that the energy was 'way down. That is good. really really good.

Here's a link to what I listened to as I drove home, eyes tearing with joy. I KNOW I'm fine. that's what my body is telling me. But still, it is r really, really good to have the scientists--who are 150% behind my meditations and all the other holistic stuff I do--to confirm it.

So thanks for all of your support and love--you are integral to my cure as well!

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Incredibly positive reports. Love MD Anderson, they are miracle workers. Plus all your positive meditations. Amazing you!!!



Oh, Elizabeth, thank YOU! I am meditating away so that those pesky nods will be totally gone soon! I am also working on patience, letting the Universe do its thing, too. Co-creation, as they say!


I am sososososososososo happy for you, Kate! 🤗

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