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I Wimped Out. I'll Run Later

So, I know it’s 14 below in Wisconsin—or was when I got my first round of Rice family pre-dawn texts. And one below in Elko.

But I decided to wait until it warms up to 14 degrees and go down to Tom’s and do my outdoor cardio run/walk routine because of the way the wind whips across this stretch of high desert. Now. sometimes it is great to run in a stiff wind because it makes being inside feel so good !

But the best is to be inside enjoying your coffee with half and half topped with foamy milk and watching the wind whip snow devils outside your glass sliding doors.

So instead of going out for a power walk/run this morning, I stepped out to snap a quick dawn-on-the-mountains shot and promptly went back inside and did two Peleton workouts—upper body and glutes. Thank you for introducing me to Peleton, Molly!!!

I feel pretty damn good but the past few days I have gotten hit with an exhaustion that makes me have to lie down immediately. Which is a good time to read one of the Bridgerton novels. I am on Number 7. Number 8 is the last and then I go into the prequels.

I really want to ski but I think what I need to do is focus on workouts that are close to a couch—I only have to lie down once a day and then I am fine, but I do need that lie-down!

So, I am going for weight routines and building back muscle for the time being. And yoga, of course! The fatigue is a side effect of radition. And I also think it is my body saying “Kate, this healing takes a certain amount of energy, so gimme a fucking break.”

And I’m listening!

Now, to switch modes, guess what? I made dinner last night! About fucking time! I would have made it New Year’s Eve but some dogs I will not name swiped the bacon off the counter. Which I did not discover until I was about to start cooking. And it was a really good FFA (Future Farmers of America) bacon.

I mean, we didn’t starve. We had plenty of leftovers and I used that cooking time to binge a bit on That 70s Show—I DO recommend the drive-in movie episode. I REMEMBER the movie featured in the drive-in movie episode. And I VERY much identified with one couple in the car.

Heh, heh, heh.

And, of course, the best part about New Year’s was hanging out with a lot of the people I love!

Happy New Year! I wish I could have been at one big party with all of you!

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