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A Christmas Stocking and Getting My Car Back!

Liz has already come and gone, fascinating and inadvertently teasing the cats with many balls of yarn! She is knitting a Christmas stocking for Jared, Eliana’s boyfriend! Argos didn’t care about the yarn or the stocking, he just wanted her to pay attention to him! But Tigger, the cat, was extremely interested in the yarn and wanted to play with one of the balls. Liz tried to fob him off with a ball that she was not using, but Tigger was like, no, man, I want to be in the game! Very funny! But best of all! My car is done!! Yay! It looks brand new, thanks to the fact that Eddie, team leader at the body shop, painted up all the nicks from four—or is it five?-cross country trips in two years plus multiple trips on gravel roads that ping rocks onto your car. Getting ready to roll WEST!

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