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Action Shots

It’s been a kind of slow few days! I spent a few days hanging out at Spring Bank, just me, my brother John and his puppy Juniper.

Sunday, major goof-off day. I did a mile-and-a-half power walk and then I laid on the couch and read another Bridgerton regency romance!

They are SO ridiculous! And I LOVE them!

Then we went into town to watch the Packers with my mother. Although I did yoga part of the time.

And that was our pattern for Sunday and Monday!

Yesterday John drove me down to La Valle—he had al lunch appointment near there and I wanted to stay at my sister’s new lake house, which I hadn’t seen yet.

As we drove, we listened to the Montezuma County: Paradox and Parable chapter of the audio version of Jesus Is Not Republican. which I am proofing. I LOVE it and I can’t WAIT for you to hear it! I have a great narrator, and John, an actor and theater professor, approved of her work! Her name is Lucy Zukaitis and she has a voice that is NOT like mine at all but when she says things a certain way, you can see me rolling my eyes. And she can also be super dramatic. She is really psyched to do this book and has also connected me with a great engineer. They are ready to work on my next two books: Open Marriage v. Rock ‘m Roll, and the one about this one whose working title is Warrior Goddesses: Fuck This Shit.

Now, back to the lake house. My sister and her husband just got it and have poured a TON of work into it and it is SO cute! Up on a hill, overlooking a lake and super sunny. One of this shots is her Christmas decor.

I have told her where she can put her gas-burning fireplace. And then I told her that the third floor which right now holds beds, should really be her yoga studio. The fireplace might happen. But not the yoga studio!

These are her grandkids, Gracie and Jakie. They came for dinner last night I have lost my voice due to the rad cure, so I just said, “I can’t talk, but I can tickle!”

It was Gracie’s birthday, so I gave her some earrings. She liked that. Even though getting her ears pierced was so traumatizing that she can’t take out earrings because then she’ll have to put them back in.

She wanted her ears pierced. But after they did the first one, she didn’t want the second one done. But Maggie, my niece, told her she couldn’t walk around with just one pierced ear.

Anyway, we had fun last night. Gracie had JUST had her first horseback riding lesson—Maggie was a champion horseback rider—so you know what’s gonna happen there! Gracie LOVED it. So I am going t to get her horse earrings for Christmas

Today Liz and I are flying to Houston, she’s going to help me pack up and maybe go with me on some of my follow-up appointments. And then I am picking up my car which is fixed, yahoo!

Right now I am down on the first floor of her house because she is meeting with the tile guys on the second floor. They are putting tile up on her kitchen back splash. I took one look at one of ‘em and I’m like, that guy is not vaccinated!

So I am staying double masked! Actually, I think, because I am triple vaxed, I am safe from Covid. But I don’t want to get the flu either!

On other fronts, I am winding up the move from my apartment with another incredible team of friends and organizers.

AND, here is the big news: I asked my rock ‘n roll niece Maddie Rice if she would do my next show with me in New York. I promised her I would not embarrass her. Much. And she just said YES!

And I already sent tambourines to Beth, Sally and Stephanie! I will keep you posted on the show schedule. I might do some warmup acts in Cortez, Colorado, in January. Although I am also talking to realtor about homes in Park City.

However, I did tell the realtor that even though she should keep sending me homes, the first thing I am going to do next week when I get to my cute little adobe Airbnb in Cortez , just down the road from my brother Tom’s, I am going to put my feet up and take a break. As you suggested, Beth, I am going to be still and listen to my heart.

‘Cause it has been one helluva fall.

Up next: Sam and Liz. When world’s collide!

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