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And Now a Little Bit of Work!

I love the moment just before dawn breaks! This from my power walk this morning.

Anyway, today, cranking on getting some more specs for the hard cover dust cover of Jesus Is Not Republican to my artist. And, have him crank on the cover Open Marriage vs. Rock ‘n Roll: Love, Betrayal and Standup Comedy.

Note to all: please don’t share deets on Open Marriage with your kids or my kids, they know that I am posting stuff here that serves me but does not serve them. Those of you who would like to read the treatment, just email me and I’ll send it to you. Those of you who have read it, I am going to have the first chapter end at the point where I get on stage and everyone, including me, is waiting to hear if I can sing. Then I’ll go into the second chapter, which will be about how music has always been a part of my life. And, again, all of you Vena Hemstock Rice and ZS Rice grandkids know, that involves standing around the piano at 402 W. Main and everyone singing while the grownups drank martinis and us kids ran around until it was time to sing.

And then, of course, there will be stuff about all the musicals Mother played and we all sang and then, the battle in my adolescent years between that rock powerhouse, WLS, and WCOW and the VW Beetle with the cow painted on the side that my cousins Mike and Dub drove around in!

And who remembers those parties at a quarry somewhere near Leon maybe? Mary, this is where you and Jill might help. Someone would hook up speakers to cars and blast tunes while we drained a quarter barrel. Or two, or three. Until the cops showed up.

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