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My niece has been raising goats for three or four years and this mama goat had babies last week and the littlest of the three was struggling and I was very worried.. So yesterday, when I went over to check on them, kind of like when I used to crawl into my brotherr’s room when he was a baby to make sure he was breathing, all three were standing! You can only see two here, but there were three! And today they were all standing when my niece checked on them. The little one was snuggling with her mother when I went to check but I’m okay with that! And THEN in the other good news department, I survived a nearly fatal encounter with a multi-vitamin. Jeez. I had thought my throat was pretty close to recovered. But I was wrong. It is still swollen on the inside and the horse pill of a multi-vitamin got stuck. It was not pretty. I mean, I could breathe the whole time but it hurt like hell and I will spare you the gross detail. I was looking at at where I assume heaven is and saying , “God, really?” I hope you’re getting a laugh out of this because I am not! BUT, I am really happy I survived even though it has put my singing back by a month.

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Feb 11, 2022

OMG I am sorry but I was laughing my ass off. "surviving a near fatal encounter" Gross.

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