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Another Miracle Story

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

another miracle story from a friend who I’ve known only slightly over the years, but who has always, as you can see, been very supportive.

She’s also just plain COOL!

Here’s she sent me and I’ve also posted the photo of the full moon on saw on my power walk (still just power walking because I’m avoiding high impact exercise).

Ihope you don't mind me writing to you, but Nadine shared a bit of your story with me because she knew that I had been through an especially challenging time with my husband (whom you met the night we came to hear you sing downtown) during lockdown.

What happened in our case is that we hopped on Amtrak March 11 2020 to Boston for what we thought would be a three-day weekend, not realizing NYC was shutting down behind us. While we were in MA, my husband went in for a routine check-up to find out why his PSA numbers were so high--in men, a sign of a potential prostate problem, but not typically anything overly worrisome. He was clearly fine, no symptoms of any kind, and, as it turned out, his prostate was fine. Just to be sure, they also gave him an MRI, and his body was lit up like a Christmas tree with stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He started an aggressive round of chemo right away, and we spent the next few months in lockdown with our middle son while my husband went through six rounds, and while it wasn't fun, it 100% worked. He's in complete remission and has been since September, thanks to a treatment that even five years ago wouldn't have been available. What they can do these days is bordering on the miraculous. I wish the same outcome for you, and that you'll be telling your own story to someone else down the road when all this is behind you. Until then, hang in and be the warrior that you are!

Just to clarify, Kate, he's been "all clear" since last September! More than a year! xox

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