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Back Again for My Cure!

My vaccine!

Yeah. Dig it.

Again, nothing but good news!

Got my cure—from a nurse who has given me my dose before, I am quite the regular here.

Aced all of my blood tests! YES!

And then I had something new, a barium swallow where they take pictures of your throat when you swallow.

I looked at a giant shadow sticking out of my throat.

“Yikes, what is that?” I asked, horrified.

”Oh,” said the technician. “We all have that.”

”Oh,“ I said, simultaneously embarrassed and relieved, “Is that my epiglottis?

”Yes,” she said, laughing.

This shows the importance of working with professionals.

AND. I had a ton of great dinners out with my cousin Sarah and her husband. AND Sarah and I watched “A League of Their Own,” which I had never seen before!” So besides loving watching these women athletes, I also totally dug it that they were playing for Wisconsin teams.

Those of you who have been following this saga will be happy to know that Sarah‘s kitchen renovation, which she postponed for three months because I was camping out at her place for October and November, is almost done! As is often the case with home projects, the project grew.

And the house looks great! Especially the kitchen! It isn’t quite done yet, but will be by my next visit!

We also saw the Obama portraits. Which I highly recommend seeing!

And then I flew home to my beloved Wasatch.

Which greeted me with a spring snowstorm.

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