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Back in My Happy Place!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Okay friends! I am back on the ski slopes, big time! Many years ago, I remember reading a story about a woman who had a mastectomy. She was either a golfer or a tennis player. She was well on the path to recovery. But it took her a while to get back to the sport she so loved.

And finally, she went for it.

The first time she went out and took that first swing with her healing body, something transformed in her. She was herself again.

Now, as you know, since the day of my diagnosis, I have been firmly on the road to recovery. But still, that first day out on the slopes, which was actually a few weeks ago, something clicked when I took my first run. I was by myself, catching up with my brother Tom; it was a cold day and I decided to wait for things to warm up at Telluride for my first run of the year. A It wasn't a hard run, it was just a few turns. It has been decades since I read that story. And it popped into my mind as I stopped to just look around and let that moment seep in.

I have long wanted to return to the mountains. I moved to New York for grad school, right after I’d spent a season ski bumming in Aspen. I always intended to go back West.

I told that story Sunday as I rode the lift with my brother, Tom, and one of his good buddies, Scott.

“Welcome back,” said Scott.

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1 Comment

Feb 11, 2022

Welcome back Kate ⛷

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