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Back home! I got home Friday, June 9! Phew. Here's a shot of enjoying my morning coffee as the sun comes up over the mountains the morning after I got back from my three weeks in Houston. I wasn't there the whole time, I did two weekend trips!

This is me on my trip back to Park City last weekend, placing third in my age division during the 5K run that is the first of the Park City Trail Series. I did that last weekend and I am SURE it's because there were only three women running in my age division! However, it was still super encouraging!

And then, a shot of Sarah with her wonderful dogs, Argos and Ajax, saying good bye as I left for my last two rad cures Friday morning. And then me, about to the ring the bell and my team of radiation therapists and my physicist! YES, I have my very own physicist. They are doing physics all the way through and I have no understanding of it.

I went straight to the airport from the clinic, and got a little teary eyed from gratitude and just everything.There has just been a fuck of a lot in my life over the last few years. Phew. It's all good, I'm grateful for everything because it put me here, but still, phew, it is a lot.

So you know what I did on my flight back? I indulged in reading not one but two cowboy romances. Yes. I highly recommend it.

So, got back Friday, went to a friend's house for dinner. She is one of my ski instructor buddies. Then, Saturday morning, I ran another fun run and took a wrong turn onto the half marathon course, adding about two miles to the 7K I was actually signed up for.

And then, after finally finding my way back, came home, napped and went to work on the community garden. YAHOO!! We spread and shoveled gravel on the walkways and around our raised beds. And then we had Margaritas!

I was in bed by 8:30, thanking God for everything, especially being able to go to bed early!

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Two things: first, I still have my bronze swim medal in a three person race when I was seven years old; second, never heard of “cowboy romances” but now I’m trying to choose between One Night With a Cowboy or Going Cowboy Crazy. Any thoughts Or should I just let the NYPL decide?

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