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Catching Up!

Okay, I've been having fun and not posting and just wanted to let you know all is well! I am alternating hiking and speed walking to train for Imogene, the lake in that photo, Lake Lackawaxen, is one of the places I hike. I love it. I am doing some work with Planned Parenthood for reproductive rights--just want to point out that here in Utah, state courts have for the moment stopped an anti-abortion trigger law in its tracks because of a lawsuit that says it violates the state constitution!

My financial advisor had a client summit right here in Park City! And that little cabin is where we hiked to have lunch!

I went to Spring Bank, my favorite place on earth (except it doesn't have mountains) for the Fourth. We did fireworks ,went to the stock car races and hung out on the pond. I always have great conversations on the raft with dear, dear friends.

I just got back from Houston for immunotherapy and my endocrinologist told me I was an inspiration to all of her patients. SHEESH!

And the last photo is me coping with life today. Actually, I barely drink but, y'know, sometimes, yuh just gotta!

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