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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Zoom Chat for the Voiceless

Guess what goes down so easily. Chocolate chip cookie dough--before you add the flour and chocolate chips. Guess what I am making for my road trip with my brother Tom! Yes, I'll have some healthy smoothie with baby spinach and mango and kefir. But when I need calories, I know where to go. Photos to come! Meanwhile, I have been eating some serious humble pie when it comes to side effects. Whoa. All in my throat. Mucinex almost killed me. Every way I tried to get it down my throat just ripped it up more. So I threw it all away.

But, yesterday morning, I woke up and I had turned a corner! Phew. Yes, it still hurts to swallow but not as badly, which is enough to make me feel like dancing! It's more like when you have a really bad sore throat.

So, was it my healing session with my healing coach Lisa? Was it the hot water with honey? Was it increased consumption of flat ginger ale? Was it just time--it was a day short of two weeks of my last treatment. I don't know, but I am gonna stick with everything I'm doing. I think Lisa's exercises are huge.

Now, I still cannot talk. At all. And I think it's gonna be a while--like at least a week--before I can. However, Gav and I had a great chat over Zoom--she talked, I typed my responses and questions in the chat.

That's it, hafta run errands and then pack!

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