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Christmas! Bouncing Back and Forth Between Park City and Houston!


I am reveling in not one but TWO Christmas houses. One is in Park City--where I have not one but THREE Christmas trees and am in heaven.

And the other is at my cousin Sarah's in Houston, where she has a beautiful Christmas tree, stockings hung over the fireplace and two gorgeous and mellow (well, one is mellow) Golden Retrievers.

That is because, short term, I have a once-a-week schedule at MD Anderson. The first go-round was last Monday, Dec. 12.

What I learned last Monday was that my medical team had put markers on my Warrior Goddess re-engineered white blood cells. That way they could track them. And guess what they found when they did a PET scan on November 30th, 20 days after my white blood cell infusion. Those cells were clustered around the tiny nodules in my lungs that had qualified me for this cure (to use my endocrinologist's term!)

I learned that when I met with the infusion doctor and his PA on Monday, Dec. 12, for my last visit.

They were very, very excited to see that those re-engineered white blood cells had gone right to where they were supposed to go.

And that's also when I learned that all of my important numbers were back in the normal range, according to tests they did that same day.

After all of that exciting news--which actually took a while to sink in-- my brother Tom and I started our drive home. Tom had flown down to Houston from his home in Cortez, Colorado, on Sunday, Dec. 11. Pretty nice little brother, huh? And when you think of how my sister and I and our friends treated him like a real live baby doll when he was a little kid, dressing him up, styling his hair and making him be junior prom king when he was a four-year-old, that was pretty nice of him.

We left straight from MD Anderson and were wheels up by 3 p.m. Monday, made it to Electra, Texas, the pump Jack capital of the world, the first night and to Tom's house in Cortez, Colorado, by 5 pm the second night. Tom wouldn't let me drive, ostensibly so I'd be rested for driving from Cortez to Park City, which is a little under six hours. But really it was because I don't drive as fast as he likes to drive.

Here's Tom's family's Christmas tree!

We got there about 5 p.m. And then Wednesday morning I got up and drove back to MY house! Where Gavriela had a beautiful beef bourgignon waiting for me! It took her three days to make it!

We put our tree up that night and I spent the next few days decorating, putting up the other two trees (one in the entry way and one on the deck) wrapping presents and just settling back in at home. I flew back to Houston yesterday so the research department could do some tests today. I fly back home tonight and will return Dec. 26-28 for a third and final round of tests. Here's what today's tests showed: All of my important numbers remain in the normal range, my liver and kidneys are A-OK. I am now at Day 33 of walking around with my Warrior Goddess re-engineered white blood cells and those numbers are "great" for this stage of the game, according to my PA. I am continuing to do my meditations--and when I told the white blood cell infusion doctor about that, he said very seriously that meditating and yoga definitely help with curing and living longer. "It's scientifically proven," he said. Because some of you have asked, I mainly do Joe Dispenza meditations but I also do some others from lists I've found on Spotify and just general googling.

I still have to be careful about avoiding infection. I had been signed up to volunteer at the Sundance Film Festival and I had to pull out of that because I'll be somewhat vulnerable unti the first week of February and even after that I have to avoid anyone who is symptomatic of anything--they're as worried about colds and flu as they are about Covid. But I WILL be able to go to yoga classes and take the bus to the ski hill! Which right now, I can't. Hoping to ski Wednesday--I'll just take a Lyft to meet the friends I'm skiing with!

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Dec 31, 2022

Your future is as bright and exciting as all the Christmas trees and decorations. I wish you much good health and a great run in 2023. I am extremely impressed with your courage, stamina, endurance and positivity during each appointment and treatment. I am so blessed to have you in my life.


Dec 26, 2022

Aww, thank you Carrie!!


Carrie Schmidt
Carrie Schmidt
Dec 26, 2022

This is all such positive news and I couldn’t be happier for you! Wishing you continued healing in the new year. Your positive attitude is freakin amazing. You are a super stud!!

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