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Committing to Utah, But Hanging on to Parts of New York

I love my Utah plates. However, please note The Bronx New York license plate frame. I was going to get Green Bay Packer plates but I kinda like a touch of New York grit. I think I'll keep it. New York will always be a part of me.

FYI, the Be Kind Montezuma is Montezuma County, a county that looks like it's an angry red but has a lot of stalwart good-hearted people who have started a campaign to counter a group that calls itself the Patriots but is more accurately named the Hatriots.

I believe that my car is very happy to have a garage that it can spend the night in after spending its life on the streets of New York and many other parts of America.

AND, the garage even has an automatic door opener! I think I could do a whole comedy routine on the thrill of things like unloading groceries from your garage and having your very own washer and dryer and not having to worry about getting your laundry done before someone else needs the machine.

I park at the airport for about a third of what a cab to LaGuardia used to cost and when I return, there's a little bus that picks me up at the airport and drops me off at my car! And the driver helps me with my suitcase!

So, okay, there are a lot of Republicans, when I email my member of Congress about doing more to arm Ukraine he thanks me for expressing my concern about some nut job of a soldier who has become the darling of the far right, but hey, that just means there's work for me to do and Park City is definitely blue! So, I've got my peeps.

It's been just over three weeks since moving day and I'm still settling in, partly because I keep leaving town! But, I am loving it. I do almost daily workouts at a giant athletic center an eight minute drive from my townhouse. It has the most beautiful yoga studio I've ever seen, two walls of floor-to-ceiing windows looking over snowcovered meadows and mountain peaks. I do daily HIIT workouts on a giant indoor football field at 6 a.m.with a bunch of other addicts. But when the instructor, Paige (who now has us do Ukrainian twists--get it?) told me Monday that she was going to New York City, I did suffer a serious pang of missing New York. I'll be back for a visit, my friends, I'm planning on summer. I love a sweaty New York day, I don't know why, but I will keep you posted!

This athletic center--which is a county facility that is as gorgeous as anything I've seen on any of the college campuses I took my daughters to visit for their college tours--also has a year round outdoor pool!! How cool is that?

My new couch came--two months early! And the movers--again, sober!!!--were fast, cheerful and didn't break anything!

My living room looks out onto ski runs of a small ski area called Woodward. When I do my morning "envisioning" that I've been doing since October, I can see the headlights ofsnow cats grooming the runs and terrain parks.

When I drive to my morning workouts I take a slightly longer way back so that I am surrounded by a mountain panorama. My body seems to be saying, "thank you for bringing me back here!" As most of you know, I spent a season in Aspen long again and a lot of memories are coming back.

My townhouse is so full of sunshine that I often walk into a room to turn off a light--and it's on!

And, I need more furniture! Here's a little refinishing project I started, I'll finish it this weekend.

Here's the before:

Here's the half way through:

I'll finish it this weekend, when I'm back from Jackson Hole! More about that in the next post!

Meanwhile, the wood stripper wore through all of the gloves I use. My laptop and iPad no longer recognize my fingerprint!

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