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DJ Debut!

Yesterday, I made my debut on KPCW! Super fun and extremely nervewracking. The guy who is the program director and head of operations emailed me and said I sounded great and would be a welcome addition to the DJ team. SO, SO gratifying.

But managing what I am calling “the board” is tnerve racking. There;s a lot of adlibbing, including the weather report, reading items from the once-an-hour lost and found, traffic reports. That, I have no problem with.

But, even though I have a playlist already—they have a consultant, who curates music for them, it is great—you still have to switch songs in and out so timing works out.

So, I am looking for tutorials.

To my disappointment, my healthcare provider (see my previous post for deets) didn’t think my anxiety and depression symptoms were bad enough for her to prescribe stuff that has worked in the past and instead suggested some supplments. Which I am all for but it is a Wild West in deciding which of what she recommended to get.

She was super sympathetic and said it’s probably a culmination of everything that has happened to me over the past few years.

And she also said that I am doing so much that is right.

But it was really bad when I got up yesterday morning. And quite fortunately, I found the anti anxiety medication MD Anderson had prescribed for me back in November. Phew. Lifesaving. Also, emailing my provider to tell her that I present 'way better than I feel! Quite, fortunately, I already have an appointment with my therapist on Monday.

Still, I was so exhausted by yesterday afternoon that I turned down an invitation from one of my fellow DJs to go see Jesus Christ Superstar. I just did a Core Power Sculpt class--I found it super physically demanding and I think that helped too! -- and had a wonderful dinner at Rob’s, came home and went to bed!

And today I got up to sunshine, some positive news out of Ukraine, a Demoocrat flipping a Republican seat blue in Michigan and plans to go to a Planned Parenthood demonstration this afternoon. So I'll be with like-minded people!

I’m about to go on a hike now.

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Hey Kate--just seeing this post today. Hang in there--the anxiety can be overwhelming but is 100% normal and to be expected. And I know that is utterly useless information, but just wanted to say that you aren't ever alone as you traverse this wicked terrain. Sometimes every moment is a different challenge, and then you will suddenly begin to string together moments and feel with clarity that you are moving out of this phase which just knowing that, will provide relief and fortitude for whatever comes next. Regardless, however, it sucks--and you are doing great! xxE

May 17, 2022
Replying to

Oh, Elizabeth, hugely helpful. I mean, I have made a new friend because of this. And the affirmation that I do every morning and every night--which a friend of mine who is also an energy coach--also includes a part about I am never alone. Thank you SO much for this!

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