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Drinking With Impunity!

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Thank you Kelly McAndrews, cowgirl, archeologist and mixologist extraordinaire!

I drank all weekend!

Now, before you get too concerned, please remember I am the granddaughter of Vena Hemstock Rice, a decidedly sober woman who would occasionally indulge in a gin and tonic.

"Don't mind if I do," she'd say, when offered one.

She also was fond of saying, "Never ruin a good story by sticking to the truth!"

So I am exaggerating by saying I drank all weekend. But I did have a cocktail Friday night and another on Saturday night.

But, thanks to Kelly, I did discover that my throat--which is still recovering from my cool radiology cure--can tolerate a bit of alcohol on occasion. Now, I had my last margarita with my cousin Sarah at Urbe, in Houston, on October 23rd, the day before I started my rad cure. That margarita was damn good and I highly recommend Urbe's margaritas should you find yourself in Houston. The food is good, too, especially the fish tacos. I had not been drinking because the radiation guru at MD Anderson said that alcohol irritates the throat, so lay off. Amazing how easy it is to not drink when you're trying to protect your throat. I had dry November, December and January, no problem!

Now, when I was in Houston the week before last to get my immunotherapy cure, I tried a glass of red wine--also at Urbe, just seemed, y'know, right-- and it seemed to sting a little bit, so I held off. But Friday night Kelly got out the cutest margarita glasses and they were just so damn cute that I said, "Just pour me a teeny tiny bit, we don't want to waste it." It's not just the alcohol, it's also the citrus--it, too, can irritate a throat still recovering from radiation. It was a bit tangy but I just neutralized it with a bit of simple syrup. Well, a lot, actually.

Now who is up for Zoom cocktail hours? I am still gonna take a pretty easy on the booze, I do want to sing again! But, just thought I'd share!

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