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Fresh Start on a New Platform! My Own! And More Good News!

Thank you for you patience as I've bounced from Caring Bridge to MendTogether to my own site! I'm going to migrate all my Caring Bridge posts over here and I think it'll be more searchable and have a more attractive display! I'm sending an email to all of you and you should be able to post comments and "like" posts as well!

So, fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, I heard back from my endocrinologist's PA. I never did get to talk to my endocrinologist on my January 29th visit because my of appointment delays and because the endocrinologist was on call and had to go to the hospital. So the PA gave me one more piece of good news. Back in December, my CAT and PET scans had show inflammation that was commensurate with radiation treatment--I just had a lot of scarring from the radiation.The endocrinologist was very reassuring about that and said that that inflammation was why I was feeling a lot of sensation in that area. Now, almost all of that sensation has disappeared--I think because I've been doing the three-times-a-day stretching exercises they gave me. So I was very curious to see what the January CAT scan showed.

The PA told me that that inflammation or neck mass has "decreased in size dramatically."

She told me a few other things too and wound up by saying: "This is good news!"

Oh, and guess what. The endocrinologist has two kids. They both have Covid.

I told her PA I hoped they were mild cases.

Meanwhile, I'm in Oberlin, visiting--and cuddling with--Gav.

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