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Gulp. Sweat. Barf. I Published My Memoir!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

I've got a bit of a marketing campaign going this week with more in the works. I got a nibble from the host of a podcast that would be great for me to be on, so fingers crossed there. And I'm pitching others.

Here is the link on Amazon. The ebook is currently on sale for $4.99. Then it goes up to its list price of $9.99. But then I'll put it on sale for Black Friday.

In kind of related news, my endocrinologist, my main doctor at MD Anderson, is doing a presentation about me at an upcoming anaplastic thyroid conference. I am trying to get the Cliff Notes version from her.

I just bought new ski boots and they FIT! I have been skiing in boots that were 'way too big for me for six years. "It's going to be night and day," the trainer who taught my ski instructor class said when he told me (and several other of my classmates) what a difference skiing in boots that fit make. The new ones are molded to my feet. I cannot wait! Park City is opening Friday but there is not much snow there so I'm going to wait until next week.

I start teaching ski lessons December 16.

I have only 30 thank-you notes left to write to friends and neighbors who sent me and my siblings notes and memorials for my mother, Still more have been forwarded to us.

I'm doing TikToks about the book sporadically and I'm going to do one about how publishing a book slowed me up on thank you notes and what my mother thinks about that! Which I am pretty sure is: "Thank yous, first, Kate; then Amazon!" But, y'know, it's not the first time we disagreed about stuff and I am sure it's not the last either!

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