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Headed to Houston!

The theme for this trip and my life as well as for my memoir!

Now, don't worry, I will not be sending you copies yet! It's really only partly done, I just wanted a hard copy in my hand . However, if any of you want to volunteer to be a beta reader, let me know!

I've been meditating more since my last visit, but not quite as much as I'd intended! Partly it's because I've been trying to find new meditations that are about self love, generating those cool alpha waves that connect the conscious and unconcisous and so on. There is SO much to understand! Along with this mystery formatting that appears to be happening with this blog post. So, any of you who want to send me miracle cure thoughts, prayers and envisioning, please do! I want to keep this healing momentum going and continue to keep my medical team happy with my amazing cure! Which is due as much to your love and support as well as the doctors and the powers that watch over and connect all of us!

I continue to feel fabulous and I am aiming once again for the Imogene Pass Run, which is in September. As part of my training, I'm signing up for the Park City trail run series that starts out with a 5K, follows with a 10K and ends about a month before Imogene with a half marathon. I'm downloading training schedules, weight training routines and going at it with both a plan AND a playlist!

Now, I may have to skip that 10K in Park City because I'm planning to be at Spring Bank around the Fourth of July--but that means I can do the Catfish Days 10K on July 9th in Trempeleau!

I'm starting training slowly, partly because it's just smart and partly because I am trying to study for my Professional Ski Instructors Association Level 1 certification test April 6 and 7. It's a two-day on mountain test and they make it easy to pass, apparently, but there's still a lot of prep work.

And, of course, I'm still writing!

Meanwhile, below is the latest improvement to my home, a new fireplace that actually heats as well as look cozy and pretty!

I can't wait to get back! And I have to be honest. I am looking forward to spring!

Lots of love,


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