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High Katenance!

You've heard of high maintenance. Sarah just coined the term High Katenance.

She should probably do standup with me, don't you think?

This was after I went back and forth on whether or not we should eat dinner insideinside or outside. I always prefer eating outside. Except tonight it was still awfully hot.

So, I'm like "mmm, I love to eat outside, but I am always making people eat outside even if it's hot."

Finally, someone says. "We set the table inside already. Let's eat inside!"

And I have now learned a lot more about the car delivery. I have updated it. Poor Sam.

I would recommend re-reading that.

Because then these numbers that I am about to tell you would make sense.

My countdown.

Two radition treatments down, 33 to go.

One chemo treatment down, 5 to go.


Twenty days with Kate down. (Actually, that takes my breath away, but I did arrive Oct. 6!)

Thirty-seven to go.

Minus four nights with three dear friends who I will be staying with at an Air bnb.

That means just 33 days to go.

See what I mean about who has the longest road in front of them?


Just so you know, he is now talking about his" brother." Until this week, he only had a sister. Now he has a brother, one almost as beleaguered by Kate Rice (and a few other Rice women) as Sam is. Well, technically, all three of my brothers are beleaguered by me!

P.S. He also let Eliana drive his beloved BMW.

P.P.S. The three of them knock off what sounds like another damn good bottle of wine. Tom looks at Sam. Sam looks at Sarah. Sarah says, "You know Rices. You open it. We'll drink it."

Sam cheerfully opens another bottle of wine. They don't finish it, but it's a good sign.

Note to all: drink some good wine for me!

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