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Home Away From Home?

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

I’ve spent the past two mornings here, “DeeJay Shadowing.”

Jen, whose desk is closest to the door, let me in and I introduced myself as one of the new volunteer DeeJays.

”You’ve got a great voice,” she said.

I thought, Actually, this is not my natural voice, this is radiation voice and I’m getting my old voice back.

But I didn’t tell her that, TMI.

On Day One, I was totally overhelmed by the computer system they use. Day Two, I got some glimmerings of understanding, but it’s like when you’re in class and you understand what the teacher is explaining to you but you’re nowhere near ready to actually take a test!

I am crazy about the two deejays I’ve met so far. They are really cool! One was in radio for her career and now runs a film production company and she knows every non-profit in Park City. And that is saying a lot, because there are a LOT and Lindsay Vonn just started one.

And the other has been deejaying for years but is still trying to wrap her brain around the new computer system. So, I feel better. She runs a property management company so was fielding calls from her housecleaner as well as calls from listeners calling in and texting requests. I was in awe.

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