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I Have a HOME! Skiing! New Standup Comedy Routine!

Very quick update! First, I have a place in Park City! It’s a townhouse with a tons of space! Two thousand square feet, nirvana for an ex-New Yorker like me! Fireplace, deck, lawn — which is common space, so someone else mows it!

Across the street from a golf course that is a Nordic ski area in the winter. Very near hiking and biking trails—easy for me to train for Imogene! Well, it’s hilly, so convenient may be a better word.

Massive garage, two bedrooms, plus a big loft and a very cute place for my writing desk! It’s sunny and looks out onto a ski area!

My move-in date is March 1. It's a rental, but frankly, that's fine. It'll make shopping for a place to buy that much easier.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying myself here Last weekend I went cross country skiing at a great place called Chicken Creek and downhill skiing at Telluride with my brother Tom. If I can just ski behind Tom or Rob for two weeks over the next month, I will be in dyno ski shape. They are so good for my form!

Please note photo of my season pass at Telluride. I bought it AFTER my diagnosis.

I am totally isolating right now because I go to MD Anderson in two weeks for my first immunotherapy infusion and multiple other appointments. I pretty much started completely isolating four days ago—although I can talk to people outside and do. I also just moved from my beautiful but pretty isolated Airbnb to one that is much closer to my brother Tom’s.Just being able to go on my morning run and have lots of people to wave at as they drive by in their trucks, is HUGE!

I have been dealing with anger and fear, of course, not just over medical stuff, but also a lot that keeps boiling up from years of living with someone who was often critical, undermining and mocking. I am telling you that because there is a tendency to not let yourself feel all that stuff and it is important to really acknowledge and respect what you have suffered. Because only then can you move on. I did have a brain that was on high alert for 20 years because I never knew when Gary would be Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. And even though the split started four years ago, the attacks did continue and It does take some time to rewire a brain.

And guess what helps rewire my brain. Skiing! And writing! AND, humor.

So, I am watching funny movies. Tonight I am going to watch the original of “The Producers” and tomorrow night I am going to watch the new one.

I also LOVE Carol Burnett. Damn.

And I am working on a new stand up comedy routine.

I am going to do some of my tried and true openers—I’m a mom, so I’m used to nobody laughing at my jokes.

My friends told me I was so brave to do standup.

And I said, no, brave is when I tell you when and where I’m doing standup.

And then I’ll say, I’m divorced. And no sympathetic oohs and ahs. Because, yeah, divorce IS hard and sometimes terrible. But you know what’s worse?

NOT getting divorced.

And them I’m gonna say.

But’ y’know what? I’m getting married again.

I’ve got the dress, white, but knee-length, plunging back, not sure about the shoes.

And, oh yeah, I don’t have the groom yet, either.

BUT, here’s what I’m looking for ….

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