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I Just Had the Best Chocolate Milkshake EVER

It was (and this is going to shock all of my Wisconsin relatives) BETTER THAN CULVER'S.

Yes. I shit you not, friends

Pappas, a Houston joint.

Yesterday, I had a brisket breakfast burrito.

Texas, my friends, is starting to grow on me.

Next, Elizabeth, thank you for this rainbow shot!!

Now, in other news ... Here's what the nurse running the two-hour radiation class I took Friday said to me. He was funny, straight shooting and passionate. He's been doing this for 27 years. Here's how he wound it up: “You are in the best possible place you can be for radiation," "We’re going to cure you!”

“We have an incredible success rate” “Every once in a while, I have an epiphany. Everyone I’m seeing right now, I see you coming in for my retirement in two years!” He just had a patient return for a checkup—21 years cancer free! That guy started back in the barium (or something like that) days! I'll take it. I'll take it. Thanks, Universe!

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