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I Now Have Seen My Own Vocal Cords

Laughter is the best medicine and I have had plenty of it for the past two days.

Like, my schedule was carefully laid out and got thrown all out whack so they were rescheduling a brain MRI for me and my cousin Sarah and I are hovering, looking worried about being able to fit it in and this really smart young receptionist looks at us, shrugs and says, “eh, it’s only a brain.”

We fall on the floor laughing and she looks chagrined and says, "Well, I mean it doesn't take that long." We're just like "thank you!"

And then we're in the blood specimen office and we're talking about our visit with the physician's assistant to the main doctor (a woman, YAY), and the PA is also a woman and very professional. Sarah and I recreate the conversation with the PA looking at the big scar on my neck clinically, saying "Ah yes, that's the incision," and she describes it,"mmm," she says, frowning, and then she says "hmm, a little necrosis," and Sarah and I gasp and then her vision shifts slightly to the left and she says: "Did you lose an earring?"

Which, of course I had.

And Sarah and I howl so much over our recreation of that scene that we miss the nurse calling my name. And then the nurse texts me and I hustle over and apologize for being so loud and she says "No, we love hearing laughter." And then I go into the back and sit down and a nurse sticks a needle in me so skillfuly that I barely feel it, and then fills six vials so quickly that when I walk back in the waiting room, Sarah says, "You're not done already!"

But I was.

And then, I have now seen my vocal cords!! A doctor stuck a camera down my nose (which is pretty used to having stuff stuck down it as we all are these days) and it was amazing, she had me do vocal exercises and all looks great. And guess what! She's a singer! But she decided to become a doctor because she wanted financial stability. Her audition song was "Mr. Snow" from Carousel.

MD Anderson has institutionalized kindness. When I walked into the endocrine clinic, Connie, the receptionist I had met the day before, said "Hello Ms. Rice." Without me saying my name. When we ask directions, staff turn around and walk us to our destination -- like Trader Joe's!

Anyway, I've included my shot from this morning's run! I actually ran. I hadn't been because the surgeon advised against it but it feels pretty solid. And I feel fine. Like actually great.

I love you all.

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