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“I Won’t Back Down” Thank You Tom Petty AND Mary Lahm’

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

It will surprise no one who knows us that Mary Lahm, my bestie from our playpen days, has given me another song for my playlist’, “ I Won’t Back Down.”

That’s in addition to Rolling Stones She’s a Rainbow, inspired by the Ted Lasso episode of the same name, the Grace Vanderval version of Clearly, which has amazing lyrics. It’s So Easy and Just One Look because I have to have Linda Ronstadt anthems and It’s Raining Men by the Weather Girls.

This will be for the Rainbow Tour of the WSMS Moms Warrior Goddesses-me, Beth, Sally and Stephanie (that's us above). I want them to sing back up but so far they have only-and somewhat tentatively—agreed to tambourines. Which is fine!

I told them that we’d be a smash hit with people our generation-especially women—and millennials.

Except for the ones who are our kids. So kinda keep that on the down low, would you?

AND, I said, I bet we’d get lots of dates. I not sure if that resonated with them, but it works for me!

Meanwhile, Sarah took this shot of my Yoga Scupt workout post run this morning!

Here's a shot of us WSMS Moms Warrior Goddesses enjoying the view on one of our hikes! Also what powers some, but not all of us-half and half in our coffee! Almost all of us brought half and half when we stayed at Sally's. Including Sally, who doesn't even drink it but she knows some of the rest of us do!

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