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Jim Rice's Birthday! Channeling His Innate Optimism with the Help of My Friends!

Hey all, to the best dad ever! He's cheering me on now as he did with all of his kids--and plenty of other people's kids too! One story (which is in Jesus Is Not Republican, the second chapter of the book that I continue to shamelessly hype) is about a kid who was in and out of Dad's courtroom throughout his childhood. When he got married, he had Dad officiate at his wedding. Because Dad had been the one stable adult throughout his life. One of Dad's many wonderful traits (in addition to his big, big heart) was his great optimism. Which, thankfully, he has passed down to me. So in that in mind, as I continue to seed this site with optimism that will motivate all of you and me, I am going to share the miracle stories I've gotten from friends and friends of friends. One I just heard today, of a guy in a clinic who is going through one last, very difficult round of treatment for the next month, after months and months of difficult treatments. In a month, he is going to walk out and be fine. He may even be back on the ski slopes by February! Stay tuned for more! I love you all! Kim Omernik, thank you for this photo! Her dad, another great Spring Bank dad, took it this iconic shot!

So here is one miracle story from a dear friend:

Know that there is so much medical research and clinical trials for anyone with a terrible diagnosis to feel defeated these days. By all counts, at the time of my sister’s diagnosis in 2015/2016, she should be dead by now. She has had more organs out than church bells at Christmas, but she is still rockin’ and continues to be a pain in my ass. Her cancer has been reduced to a chronic illness, which has been treated by immunotherapy every other week. She looks and feels healthy … with the exception of the radiation scarring in her lungs that sometimes labors her breathing.

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