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Last Day of the Ski Season and MD Anderson Update

Just FYI, a bit of a hiccup on the MD Anderson front. Last week my immunotherapy doctor called and the second PET scan showed some brightening of the nodules. This could mean one of two things. The first: the Warrior Goddess CAR T re-engineered white blood cells are working their magic. This is what I believe is happening.

The second: the nodules are revving back up. Because of that, MD Anderson and I are erring on the side of caution and doing a few things that they had said they might do from the start of this. So next week I go back to Houston for another of those immunotherapy infusions I was getting before, which is a breeze, and to get measured for another round of radiation, which should be short term, maybe three days, maybe six. I think it'll take them two weeks to complete the calculations they need to do--but maybe less. And then I'll go back for radiation, which I know how to deal with. So it is all eminently handleable! Anecdotal evidence indicates that radiation amps up the CAR T cells. Yeah, baby!

The doctor, while somewhat disappointed, still said that it is "huge" that everything remains stable and in the same place. Zero spread. So I continue to be a miracle

Ideally, they would like to do the CAR-T round again--taking blood cells out of me, etc. But that is not an option right now and frankly, I am not keen about spending six weeks in Houston again with two of those weeks in an isolation ward. Of course, if that becomes an option I would totally do it. Unless of course science, quantum physics and the Universe and I take care of it pronto.

To that end, I am also doing what I can do to move things along. I have amped up my meditations to close to two hours a day, which was what Crystal strongly advised from the start. Crystal is my friend who blew a rare and very painful cancer out of her body using a mix of science, meditation, mindset and manifesting. Her model is my model. I've been doing close to an hour of meditating every day. but never two hours consistently.

I believe that it works because I started meditating as soon as I found out about the nodule. In an amazing piece of syncrhonicity, I had thought about looking into more meditating and then Crystal told me what meditating had done for her. I started meditating. And those nodules stayed stable for the two months before I could get the CAR T infusions. And I am being a lot more vigorous in my visualizations about what my white blood cells are doing. We are not fucking around anymore. A lot of my meditating and healing mentors go for a love-based positive approach on getting rid of non-compliant cells. But I've decided to go fierce. And it feels really good to do that. I want those nodules fucking gone. Anyway, the difference between doing under an hour and doing nearly two hours a day is pretty stunning. Part of getting cured using mindset, meditation and manifesting in getting your body to feel as though what you want to have happened has happened already. And holy fuck, two days ago I was crying tears of joy because I felt that those nodules were gone.

So, I am doing great. Eliana was just here visiting and we had a wonderful, wonderful time.

Yesterday was the closing day at Park City Mountain and I went in at 8:15 for a giant employee photo, commemorative poster and t-shirt. One of my really good friends then joined me and she and I skied in the sun--I was just in jeans and a floral blouse (see photo above). Fucking amazing. What a year this has been! I am awash in gratitude and joy for all the wonderful things that have happened to me since I arrived just a little over a year ago.That alone fills me with the dopamine and theta waves I need to do the job. And we're going to do more skiing. I've still got a day left for Snowbird.

On Sunday, I met with my fellow gardeners at the community garden that I'm participating in. So fun to talk about how to keep moose out of your garden! Answer: build a fence. One of my neighbors said to me, "I'm gonna plant pot. We might have to put a lock on the gate to keep the high school kids out."

Also, I got a gas grill over the weekend!

I am happy, excited and confident.

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