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Maybe I Can Sing Again! Wisconsin Connection! Eliana Stops By! Spring Blizzard! And Other Updates!

Turns out, I may be able to restore my former vocal range! No guarantees but it’s possible! That I learned this morning from my new speech pathologist, who is from Wisconsin! River Falls, and she went to UW-L for a year before switching to Madison because she wanted to become a speech pathologist.

Originally, she wanted to be a special ed teacher but her mentor, a special ed teacher at her high school at River Falls, talked her out of it. So sad, the way Wisconsin, once a leader in education, is now the anti-education state. But, I’ll save political rants for my Substack column.

She gave me all sorts of exercises and encouragement! I’ll spare you the photos of my vocal chords though. Ever thoughtful me, huh?

A spring blizzard moved in the day before yesterday and it is still snowing! Down in Salt Lake, crabapple trees and magnolia trees had already blossomed and now their pink blooms are peking out from under the snow. The whole city looks like a Japanese garden in snow!

The storm also blew in Eliana, on route from Whitefish to a week-long rafting trip through Desolation Canyon on the Green River, a route so gorgeous that when my brother John, then an actor in New York, did that same route with my brother Tom and Rob, he decide to leave New York and Move West.

Eliana is fulfilling her job of keeping me worried by doing that same route when high winds from the blizzard that was following her will be accompanying her on her trip.

”Just for the first few days, Mama, “ she said , dutifully trying to reassure me.

My brother Tom snorted when I told him that. "There’ll be high winds through there all week," he said. "They’ll get out late, but don’t worry or call the BLM or me or Rob.”

”I won’t call the BLM but I will absolutely call you and Rob!” I said.

She and her friend Addie and friend Corby came and it was a 20-minute hugfest. I loved having them there but also did not want them to stay too long because I wanted them to get to their campsite before dark.

Here is a shot of them getting out of their truck with a kayak on top. I think having a truck with a kayak on its roof parked in my driveway gives me some serious street cred, or mountain cred or something like that in my new ‘hood!

The snow started falling just as they left.

Meanwhile, I am now in a winter wonderland that somebody else plows! I love HOAs! Both yesterday morning and this morning, I was just getting up when the HOA snow plower cleared my driveway! Oh, man, I LOVE IT.

This is better than the Super Plow, which used to plow all of the sidewalks in Sparta!

Pictured above: the view from the Eliana-Hannah-Guest- Library Loft.

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