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Meet Kate Rice: DJ!

I’m going to be a volunteer DJ at KPCW!

Which is conveniently located above a liquor store and across the street from a good coffee shop! And in between two parking lots and just below City Hall!

They advertised for a volunteer DJ, no experience necessary! So I just sent them a one-sentence pitch saying I have zero experience as a DJ, but have sung rock’n roll, done standup comedy and done podcasts and sent links! And they emailed me right away and said when can you come in?

They curate all their own playlists, phew, so the heat is off there. I read the weather report, the community calendar, local news, traffic and the lost and found (my favorite part)! And then I just introduce the songs and include any notes and take a request or two and that is it!

I do three ”job shadowing” sessions and then I’m on!


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