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Mirror, Mirror on the … Tree Trunk!

I have now had six blue-bird days of skiing in Telluride over the past several days; here’s an artsy fartsy shot by my bother Tom. This is not actually a mirror for checking to see if your mascara is running; it’s so snow machines pulling out of a mid-mountain parking lot can see skiers!

A few days of snow are headed our way, I’ll be back out Thursday. Being able to ski on days when it’s sunny and when there is fresh powder is why I always intended to come back West after my ski bum season back in the 80s.

Then Friday and Saturday I’ll be support staff for the Four Corners Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Prayer Run. They’ll come through Cortez, where I’ve been staying a cute airbnb just down the road from Tom and his great wife Kelly.

And then Sunday, I head up to Park City! Move-in day is actually Wednesday, March 2. I am., as you an imagine, psyched. And enormously grateful that I can do this and that I am able to do all that I am doing right now. And one reason I can is because of all the love and strength you’ve been sending me. Thank you.

Also, I wanted to warn you that I will be coming at you with ways you can help Wisconsin Democrats! It's Voter Protection season!

I want everyone to be able to do what they love on sunny days and fresh powder days. I can’t make it happen for everyone, but I’m doing what I can to make it happen a little more often than it’s happening now.


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