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Now, as I think most of you know, I am moving to Park City--with a month's hiatus in Cortez, Colorado. I was going to be in Cortez anyway for Christmas because the girls and I have been going there for the past five or six years, so I extended the stay until mid January! Which gives me time to find a place in Park City. However, I did leave my two-bedroom apartment in New York rather hastily. Quite fortuitously, the lease is up Dec. 31st. But there was still the not small matter of moving my stuff. So I am doing it remotely. Well, I am not actually doing it. Instead, I have turned to an incredible team-- Kate Backus--who helped me move out of my old apartment--and Shelby Elsbree, who was originally the girls' babysitter and became a friend almost instantly! Shelby is also super organized. Eliana packed up her stuff and her boyfriend, Jared, was a huge help as well. And Peter Danilovicz is coming to do some breakdown work. Since he is a musician and sound technician who has kept sound systems for people like David Bowie and Barbra Streisand working around the world, he's somewhat over qualified for the job. But what I really wanted you to see was one of these pros at work. I hope this link of Kate at work works for you! There's a little pause in the middle but keep watching--I like the part where she takes a swig of water--staying hydrated is always important!!

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