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My Last Day as a Ski Instructor This Season!

I am still loving this email I got from one of my supervisors yesterday! Today is my last day and then I turn in my uniform.

I do have to be honest, though. I am glad it's over. It's going to be 60 degrees today. I had snow shoveled off my roof for what I hope is the last time this season--although I know it is going to snow again! I've got my deck chairs back out on my deck. I'm going to buy a grill. I'm going to buy window boxes for my deck. I'm excited and nervous about my plot in the community garden. The Summit County Democratic Party has asked me if I want to be an officer and I think I want to be the liaison between the county and state party--bring a little Ben Wikler (of WisDems) spirit to the mountains of Utah.

My next session of my memoir class starts tomorrow. And Thursday I start a personal essay writing class. I am determined to publish and sell Cured.

But I'm also going to take a break. Just sit and let all that's happened. in my life gel. I'm going to go back and post some partly written posts about the hilarity of me

teaching skiing!. But mainly I'm just going to just sit and let stuff catch up!

I'm going to do it again next season. After all, now I'm a Level 1 PSIA Certfied instructor!

Meanwhile, time to take my ski instructor tips and spend them on a mani-pedi and a massage!

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Apr 25, 2023

Being on a mountain is addictive and as you start enjoying your spring and summer exhilarating thoughts will be wafting ever so gently to take you back to the snow, the purity of the sky, the freedom of gliding through life downhill. You are having an amazing year keep it up for you are a gift to me and an inspiration.


That's some great advice you're giving yourself! And best of all, I do believe you're going to take it!! It's been quite a year.

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