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My New Pad!

Exciting stuff friends! I am a homeowner again! I cannot tell you how excited I am! Plenty of room for company too!!!

I close September 6--four days before my birthday and the Imogene Pass Run, which I continue to train for, battling some stubbornly stiff hip flexors. I will spare you further details; I have already bored too many of you with them. I am running and walking, doing a LOT of hiking, trying to do some serious vert, as they say in the trail running community in which I am a total imposter.

In other news, lessee, I continue to meet new people here! As a volunteer at an arts festival, I carded everyone coming into the "Spirit" garden. "I am sorry," I'd say, "I'm afraid you don't look old enough!" I visited Gav a week ago at Colorado College, where she is attending summer session. She comes home next weekend and heads back to Oberlin two weeks after that!

In other news, Jesus Is Not Republican has started to sell! Not big numbers but steadily! I have started marketing, including TikTok. I'm at @irrepressiblekate and here's a link to the latest.

I've done some canvassing for Planned Parenthood, marched in a parade with Summit County Democrats and, thanks to the Utah League of Women Voters and a recent workshop of theirs that I attended, I learned some happy news about progress we are making environmentally. And that is, electric vehicle sales passed the 5% mark two weeks ago. Why is that important? That's when a new concept takes off, a la cell phones and smart phones. Similarly, investment in energy production has shifted to solar, wind, geo thermal and even some nuclear (I guess they can really compact the waste now.) These are important developments. They mean that we will achieve our goals to reduce greenhouse gases by 2040 or 2050 or whatever it is (I'll leave the details to copy editors and policy makers). And here is what is really cool. What's driving this? Good ol' capitalism. EVs now start at $26K. Green energy is cheaper. Certainly, we need legislation, too. But, I kinda dig it when market forces are on the side of good!

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Nov 12, 2022

You inspire me. One heck of a trail blazer. The new home is wonderful.


Amazing news, Kate! CONGRATULATIONS!

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