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My New Yoga Home

And other somewhat woo-woo stuff!

I heard about this place from some of my classmates in a HIIT class I take at the Basin Recreation gym. And I took a class, a yoga sculpt class, that kicked my butt. And as I took it, I felt so strong, even though I was kinda dying, the way a good workout kills you and makes you feel better, if you have ever had that experience that sounds contradictory but somehow works for me.

I felt strong in this primordial way, strong the way I felt when I ran the Imogene Pass Run last September, when I felt that I was pulling power from the molten center of the fucking earth. And I got that feeling again in this class. And I knew, this is the place for me!

So I've canceled my Core Power Yoga membership, which is great but 20 minutes away in Salt Lake City and am switching to the The PC Yoga Collective, which is eight minutes away. They are just starting some new classes, that do a deeper dive into stuff. This was what they call the Flow class, the first one that they've done. It's half yoga and half pretty intense breathing exercises. It's designed to blow out whatever is blocking you. Which I am into. Anyway, it was pretty great.

I am, alas, unable to get into the Flower Moon workshop. It was full by the time I found out about it. Because I love the moon. I've been looking up at it as it waxes and wans, at night and often in the morning when I run/power walk, and say, "Moon, heal me."

I think she has been. And I'll get into the next one.

Told yuh it was woo-woo!

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