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Oh Good HEAVENS! MORE Good News!

Huntsmans Cancer Institute at the University of Utah here in Salt Lake just hit it out of the ball park for me! (Note: explanation for the photo for this post is at the very end).

So, here is the deal. I am getting immunotherapy at MD Anderson--this basically makes what I have a chronic and quite manageable condition. As far as I'm concerned.

However Houston-based MD Anderson suggested I get an oncologist in or near Park City! Just to have someone on the ground.

So, I made an appointment at Huntsmans in Salt Lake City and met my doc today and I love Huntsmans!

First, on my January 27 visit to MD Anderson, my surgeon had very gently told me I might want to consider easing up a bit on training and give my body a break. And his young assistant had said, "You want to run Imogene when you're 67?" I said, "Well, I ran it when I was 66 and 64."

"I can't do that," he said.

Now, many thoughts ran through my head when he said that. But I practiced tact and just said, "I'm just one of the many redefining physical maturing!"

So I asked the Huntsmans doc about training for Imogene.

She moved here from Ohio for the active lifestyle.

As long as I feel good, she said, go for it, my protoplasm is used to cranking physically.

So I love Huntsmans right there.

She asks "When do you want to start training for Imogene?"

"April," I say.

"We can work on that," she says.

Then, she suggests I go to the Wellness Center

Where I get:

  • $45 one-hour massages

  • $45 acupuncture sessions (could be good for the hip flexor that has been plaguing me).

  • Nutritionist (well, MD Anderson has a great nutritionist, too).

  • Trainers

  • A gym

I am getting my first massage this afternoon!

Other cool stuff about Huntsman's:

A. My main doc at MD Anderson is confident in immunotherapy. It works. But, to get the word out, they have to do clinical trials.

Guess what one of the hospitals doing the clinical trials is.

Yup. You guessed it. Huntsmans.

B. When I called to make an appointment with the Huntsmans doc I had my New York medical service mindset--that getting in for that first appointment would take weeks.

Wrong. I got an appointment two weeks out.

"You can get me in in two weeks?"I had said when the new patient coordinator told me that, my voice literally squeaking because I was so astonished.

"Oh, we build that into the schedule," she said matter of factly.

And, C: when I filled out the intake form, it asked questions like:

Are you having trouble doing normal activities like hiking?

Whereas, even at MD Anderson they asked questions like:

Are you having trouble going up stairs?

My answer to both questions is a solid "No!" But clearly, Huntsmans is the place for me.

And guess what else? Immunotherapy not only revs up your T cells against cancer.

It does the same against other intruders. Like Covid.

Now, I will continue to wear a mask, but this is why I put a photo of the Bionic Woman on this post.

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You are definitely in the right place for the Bionic Kate! Sending pure joyful thoughts for all these good and wonderful new people in your life.


Sally Thurston
Sally Thurston
Feb 15, 2022

Love it, love it, love it! The stars are aligning for you Kate! You inspire us all!

Feb 15, 2022
Replying to

You doll!

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