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Okay. HERE is Courage! And Other Wonderful Things!

I always thought people who had glass cupboard doors in their kitchens were brave. But on this morning’s power walk I saw this: someone with a see-through garage door! Okay, VERY exciting day yesterday my dear friends .First, I booked a podcast for talking about Jesus Is Not Republican! With an amazing woman! I am posting her TEDX talk. She is Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery (the Rev. TLC is what I’m calling her). She is a passionate advocate for racial and social justice. She also likes cute shoes. Her podcast is on Talk Radio NYC and is called “Dismantling Racism.” We are recording today and it will air next week. I will link her Ted Talk about religious trauma here (have to do it from my computer. And THEN, I took that amazing woman, Sarah Rice Ecker Cooper, out for dinner. And I put away the cancer card and pulled out my credit card and wrestled her to the ground so that I could pay fro dinner. And then we went to one of her favorite ice cream stores and I got a chocolate malt. Then we came home and she turned on the Astros—sports are very good for us Rices. But I pulled away (since the Astros were stuck at 2-1 for several innings) for an amazing holistic experience. It was an image session with my dear friend, fellow memoirist and all around wonderful human Lisa Buksbaum. Funnily enough we have been almost the same orbit for years but never met until we were in the same Gotham Winters Memoir Class. And Lisa led me through this wonderful healing imaging session (she is a healer, link here to HER website—and a whole bunch of other amazing and wild things—watch for HER book!). I had to just sit and let the whole thing percolate and then I went down to say good night to Sarah, We were both happy that my brother John, who spent last week here with me, had had a successful day of driving home and was parked for the night. We were a little less happy with the Astros, But such is life. So, I did not finish my marketing class, but I made progress!

Here's the blue sky I saw on my power walk!

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