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Rad Cure Playlist From the Universe

Day two of my mini rad cure--I'm just getting the daily microdoses this week. I'm lying on the table getting zapped and envisioning my laughing white blood cells running up to the radiation rays and saying 'C'mon, here's where those nodules are that we are going to disappear!" And what comes on the radio that's playing in the rad cure room? You betcha, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, by Pat Benatar, one of my pantheon of rock goddesses.

When the technicians came in, I sat up and said, "Did you hear what came on?" And they laughed and said, "Yes! We were just commenting on that!"

During my last round of radiation in October of 2021, one of the first songs to come on was Imagine Dragons' Radioactive.

Also, I just got the results from a lung test I took yesterday. A lot of my percentages are over 100% I'll find out more about what that means when I meet with the rad cure doc tomorrow.

What can I say, but "Namaste, Universe!"

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