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Re-Engineered Warrior Goddess White Blood Cells and a Possible CURE!

A lot of you know this already but I am getting a very new treatment that moved my endocrinologist to use the word "cure."

I did not know that that word was in her vocabulary.

Basically, they have taken a bunch of white blood cells out of me. They will re-engineer them so that they will recognize a very particular protein that is associated with what they took out of me that is unique to what I was diagnosed with. I never name it because there is power in words and I deny it that power.

Next Monday, Nov. 7, I go in for a week of more tests and prep work. The week after that I go into the hospital while they put the re-engineered cells back in. They keep me in the hospital for a week to monitor me for side effects. Thankfully, I have a private room and they okayed my yoga mat, weights, decorations and I can wear my own clothes!

And I stay in Houston (with the ever generous Sarah and her long-suffering husband) for another few weeks and go in twice a week to get checked.

And then, there is a chance that I will be CURED! It has worked for others. There's some new stuff with me.

So I am doing more meditations in which I see my warrior goddess white blood cells welcome their sisters who have gone to a special warrior goddess training camp join forces and hunt down any malevolence that might still be in me and vaporize it.

My Tarot card reader says she still sees the ex lurking just outside my orb. He hides. So I suspect that there might be some of the malevolence from him lurking inside me. He didn't start bad but he hit a fork in the road and took the path into the darkness that was so familiar to him instead of the path into light that he really wanted. And, ooh, I took some big hits off that.

It's funny, the opportunity for metaphor and allegory I've gotten from my curing team. The pathologist who gave that first diagnosis described the sample as "unusually aggressive." Well, that's the ex! And then the stem cell doc overseeing the re-engineering of my white blood cell warrior goddess cells said that our immune systems are really good at nailing the nasty stuff.

"But every once in a while, they give something a break when they shouldn't," he said.

I looked at him. I thought. Wow. That is ME. Okay my white blood cell warrior goddesses, time to go on high alert.

Call it anthropomorphism. Call it melodramatic. Call it a literary device. Call it a metaphor. Whatever you want to call it, it's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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Your are well experienced with "unusually aggressive." whatever's and will march on with humor, energy and kindness. Thanks for keeping your friends updated through this website Nothing you have accomplished amazes me - it is simply Kate awesomeness.

Gefällt mir
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