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Roe: You Wanna Cry? Or Fight?

You know what I’m doing.

Remember: There are more of us than there are of them.

Last night I went to the Summit County Democrats meeting. Sparsely attended, mainly because of the really remote location in a gorgeous valley. But, everyone there is highly motivated. It’s a good group for me.

I got a text a few days ago about something I volunteered for weeks ago: going door to door hanging door knob flyers for Utah Planned Parenthood. They’ve been planning for this for weeks, I signed up to do it weeks ago.

This morning I heard an interview on KPCW, my local radio station (where, ahem, I DJ) about two mothers who run a nonprofit for LGBTQ kids. Republicans and this court are racist and anti gay. I am joining this group as an allied member and I am making sure that they become a voter mobilization force to save their kids.

I’m going home to Wisconsin next week to see my mother, lie on the raft on the pond at Spring Bank, set off fireworks and meet with my like-minded friends there to start a blog that will cover Monroe County honestly and fairly and to lobby the local radio station, WCOW, to cover news in a powerful and comprehensive way to counter the local paper which is a badly written baby Fox fear and lie mongerer.

The Texas Republican Party’s new platform among other things, has floated secession. That would mean everyone in Texas who is on Medicare and Social Security would lose it. Time for us to do our own fear-mongering: Republicans will take away Social Security and Medicare.

Now I know Texas always talks secession, but the timing of this new platform along with some crazy ideas along the same lines floated by other Republicans make this the time to seize this issue. It is the perfect bumper sticker issue.

I repeat. There are more of us than there are of them. Remember that.

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