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Settling In, Catching Up, Feeling a Bit Overwhelmed and What About Those Packers?

More to come but here are views from my wonderful Airbnb. I’m spending a LOT of time at my brother Tom’s. He and Kelly are unfailingly fun and generous and both their kids are home as well as their son’s girlfriend, Sarah. Who is a Packer fan as demonstrative as my sister Liz. Phew, What a game last night.

Anyway, so much is perfect right now, my cozy location, stunning views whether I’m doing a Zoom yoga Sculpt class just as the sun is coming up or doing a power walk a little later, and having a lot of my family together for Christmas and right after.

But I am also tying up the loose ends of my move from New York. The moving company was entertaining — they were getting high or drinking throughout, apparently— but added on major league extra fees which I just have to roll with for the moment, And I am worried about finding a new home in or near Park City. Because, Gav has to have her own bedroom and I want it set up sooner rather than later.

At the same time, I am really glad I am not going back to New York. No doubts there. It is time for me to live in the mountains. For a long, long time.

Howeve, I am dealing with the side effects of radiation. The good news is, it is still radiating through me—maybe that means I glow in the dark, The bad news is, the side effect ramped up, plateaued and have gone down slightly. I will spare you gross details but they center on my throat and abruptly feeling really tired. Now, I am realizing that when I was at Sarah’s, I took two naps a day to stay ahead of the fatigue and I have just re-incorporated that into my schedule.

And, I still can’t talk. Gav arrives on Sunday, and my goal is to have my voice back by then.

However the radiation rash, which was pretty huge, has almost entirely subsided!

Long story short, it was really easy to feel cured when I felt basically pretty great, but harder when I have a stubborn sore throat and am almost entirely power walking. No running at all. Of course, I have just come from sea level to 6,000 feet!

So, working with my healing coach Lisa on all of this, of course. I am seeing myself running Imogene again next year—It’s going to be on my birthday!—-and running it way faster than I did before because I’ll be totally well! And there’s lots more I’m seeing myself do, as well as the knowledge deep in my gut that whatever is gonna kill me is something else! Not to mention I’ll be driving Eliana crazy for years

So I have one small tree up already—thanks to Kelly! And over the weekend she and I and her daughter Willa got into Kelly’s giant truck and we bought a big ass tree that we are going to put up tomorrow.

And, of course, I have Christmas carols going all the time!

Much love to you!!

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