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Sober Movers! And Presentable Corners Of My New Abode!

Here’s my moving update! It’s brief, because I have a LONG way to go and tomorrow I leave for a week—immunotherapy in Houston and then another visit to Gav in Oberlin.

ANYWAY, Wednesday morning, Eliana and I pull up to Park City Storage, where Terry and Reed await us with a great big truck.

And they are sober! OMG. I love them right away. they are also totally competent, fast and really cheery. I can’t even buy them lunch!

Eliana, who volunteered to come down from Whitefish to help, put together not one but two bedframes. Huge help.

What a cutie, huh? And she didn’t get mad or impatient at all!!! I think that’s the Hughes of it (her full name is Eliana Hughes Langer, for my mother’s family).

She and I also just hung out, going to lunch, getting pedicures and hugging each other. She had to work and found a nice coffee shop for putting in a few hours in between putting together beds for me.

And then, Wednesday, the day the movers brought everything in, Eliana suggested a Champagne toast in Vena Hemstock Rice’s Champagne glasses. For those of you who are not related to her, Vena Hemstock Rice, my dad’s mother, was an incredible woman. She had six kids, ran a radio station, three farms, her father’s dray business, and a lot of rundown rental units and hosted what today would be called refugees today but back back in post World War II days were called displaced persons. Otto and Irma arrived from Latvia or somewhere in Eastern Europe. She loved a beautiful table. And these are her Champagne glasses. She was a woman of power and modesty and I am so glad her feisty blood runs in my veins and my daughters’.

Anyway, these are the presentable corners.

I am writing this as I sit in front of a fire in the fireplace and watching snow flurries outside.

Tonight is the first night I’ll stay here. I had ordered new mattresses from a local purveyor and they were supposed to arrive Wednesday but when the guys pulled up in their truck, our mattresses were not in there. They were hilariously chagrined. And it was fine, because Eliana and I were staying at my brother Rob’s in Salt Lake, just 20 minutes away. That also meant we got to eat more of his fabulous dinners. I have not cooked for myself in five months except for few token dinners that my brother Tom let me make at his house.

Anyway, I input my new address into Google maps this morning as I drove over from Rob’s and when I pulled into my driveway, Google maps said, “Welcome home!”

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