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Staying Disease Free!

Just got the report from my endocrinologist about my latest "scans," and I remain disease free! So, pop the Champagne or toast my health --and yours--with a Margarita (I might indulge in one tonight).

Meanwhile, here's an image of the original party girl, Vena Hemstock Rice; that's her Champagne glass up top!

In other news, my endocrinologist also okayed going to a speech therapist so I can work on singing rock 'n roll.

"Oh!" she said, looking interested, "I did not know that about you!"

Wait 'til you read my next memoir, I thought. I'm working on it, Joselin (FYI, for the rest of you, Joselin teaches the memoir class that I love and was also the content editor for Jesus Is Not Republican.).

Also on my list of questions was exercise. She loves exercise. "It builds the immune system," she told me. My kind of doc. "Just don't break any bones," she added. This comes on the heels of my discovery of the Snyder Basin Fieldhouse just nine minutes from my house and packed with the type of stuff I love to do! I would have moved here just for that Fieldhouse!

Tomorrow I head to Oberlin for a few days with Gavriela!

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1 Comment

Sally Thurston
Sally Thurston
Mar 08, 2022

Best news ever Kate!!! You ROCK!

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