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Visiting Eliana!

Updated: May 8, 2022

Monday, I drove up to visit Eliana.

"Just tell me whenever you want me come up so I give you a hug," I'd said.

She wanted that. Although it took some schedule readjusting and wrestling with my Airbnb host for her to fit me into her schedule! But we had a mostly great time, and the not-so-great moments made me appreciate the great ones. Above is a great hike that we took, when I told her how I love it that she is such an incredible outdoorswoman, and she told me about her recent rafting trip on the Green River through Desolation Canyon and how her friends on told her to be sure to recognize how she is so a part of nature when she is in it. Huge, for me to hear her say that. And, we talked about the moon, and its power. And she told me when she was on the river with her friends, how moved they were, looking up at it, and how she thought of me.

And then, of course, there was lots of meeting her friends, having breakfast in local coffee shops, and, finally seeing Jared perform!

He's kind of tucked away on the right side, you can see him playing sax over the shoulder of a woman with red hair.

He plays with the Flathead Valley Community band, which was fantastic! It's a 40-piece band and really good.

They even played Ukraine's national anthem, and the conductor read us a translation of the lyrics. If anyone was paying attention to those lyrics six weeks ago, they would not have been surprised at how Ukraine has stood up to a mightier power.

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