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Where I Am! Or, in Other Words, Boring Logistics!

So I was talking to my good friend Sully and realized that I have been running around a bunch and it might be helpful for you to know where I am, exactly!

I just got back from visiting Gav in Oberlin, which was so lovely! I flew into and out of Salt Lake so I could go to appointments (as already described) and check out my new digs and Park City Storage, where all my stuff is! I crashed at my brother Rob's, enjoying his and his wife Angie's thoughtful hospitality and top-notch cooking.

I'm now back at my AirBnb in Cortez (above is the view from my run this morning), just down the road from my brother Tom's, where I am enjoying his and his wife Kelly's hospitality and top-notch cooking.

I'll be here until Feb. 27, when I head back to Salt Lake to prepare for moving into my new digs in Park City on March 2! I will send you all my new address!

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