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Wine, Valium and Laughter

Well, my brother Tom is here. We'll see how he does with the dishwasher. My cousin Sarah and I re-iterated the fact that her husband, Sam, is not ready to be best supporting actor Kate Gets Cured, The Musical. I have hope for that, however, because he has an exquisite sense of comic timing. He tolerates us teasing him; he pauses. looks at Sarah, looks at me, looks at Tom. He pauses again and says, "I wasn't going to drink wine tonight, but ..." And heads to toward the bar. Big smile on Tom's face. "Drink for me!" I pipe up. It was a damn fine bottle of Italian wine, it looked like to me. Sarah had talked to a philosophical friend that day, who told her Valium use is UP! We're all like, Covid is waning and now it's up? I talk about an anti-anxiety medication I took when in the throes of divorce. It worked great. BUT, they told me not to drink alcohol. "You might stop breathing," the doc told me. Obviously, I didn't drink. Sam said an anti-anxiety drug that precludes drinking wine should be avoided.

WIth yuh there, Sam. Sam, I might add, does Whole 30. But when he does Whole 30, he does it with wine. With him on that one, too!

Then, Sarah said some other friend had talking about experiences like mine put a lot of stuff in proportion. Like other stuff doesn't worry you as much.

I look at Sam. Sam looks at me.

"A good vacation does the same thing," I said, laughing. (Once in the travel industry, always in the travel industry).

"Yeah," says Sam, laughing a little himself. "I was gonna say!"

Anyway, it was a night of laughter, Again. Meanwhile, I got an "I'm sorry," note of a good friend.

No need to say sorry I wrote--I am saying thank you.! For one thing, I am in the place that can cure me. The universe, my cells and I and lord knows who else have been having so in depth conversations and here's what the universe, laughing at me, told me last night: This is going to be the best thing that has ever happened to you. And it showed me the vision and that just might be right.

This morning the message was: Kate, you're the original renewable energy source.

Dozed during radiation cure today--apparently, it's quite common!

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