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Your Gifts to Me!

As I did my run/power walk today, I looked at the moon above me and thought, Moon Goddess, keep me healthy! Sleeping Ute, you pink-tinged sacred mountain, keep me healthy!

Because, my voice is starting to come back. I am being sassy at my reflection in the bedroom mirror. I’m dancing to Christmas carols. I feel as though I’m getting my mojo back.

And as I alternated between walking and running — partly to avoid overdoing it, I want my energy to go into healing my voice and throat, partly to accommodate the icy patches in the road—I thought about the wonderful gifts you have been giving me with your hearts and comments full of love and wisdom. And yesterday that was particularly true.

Elizabeth, I am saving your quote about fear. OMG. Huge.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a text from my former mother-in-law, a woman of great charm and insincerity, a woman who lied to me and caused me pain.

And I wrestled with what to do. Tell her what I really think of her? Do the midwestern nice thing? She’s your daughters grandmother, you have to have a relationship with her.

I hated that I was even thinking about her or any of these thoughts, because I want to focus on the positive!

And then, seconds later, came a wonderful, true-hearted email from Annie Rice, whose dad was my dad’s buddy, who I’ve known since I was a little kid and she was one of the cool big kids. She grew up to marry my one of my cousins.

One of the great things about getting older is age differences make less and less of a difference and years ago, she became a friend.

And when I read her wonderful email, I realized. I deserve to have only true-hearted people in my life.

And I just deleted the text from my former MIL.

Wonderful, no? So simple. So clean. So liberating! Even now, I feel a weight lifted from me

Now, is it okay if the former MIL’s name is Gladys in Open Marriage vs. Rock ‘n Roll: Love, Betrayal and Embracing the Spotlight?

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