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Sometimes, what looks like the end is actually the beginning.

Globe-trotting reporter, party girl and ex-ski bum Kate Rice has escaped a miserable marriage. Her kids are starting lives of their own.


She's poised to start a brand new life. She's started singing rock 'n' roll in a legendary club in New York's Greenwich Village. She's gearing up to leave New York and return to the mountains she left so long ago.

And then she gets a stage 4 cancer diagnosis and six months to live.

By turns poignant and laugh-out-loud funny, Cured chronicles the transcendental and against-the-odds triumph of a woman discovering the healing power of unleashing her own badassery.


It's a story familiar to many women who silenced  their voices and quashed their dreams in a vain attempt to save doomed relationships. And then, like Kate, they learned to stand up for themselves and kick some butt.


Armed a sense of humor, an indomitable spirit, and a tenacious will to live, Kate embraces her cure—surgeries, radiation, chemo and immunotherapy—with irreppressible joie de vivre and the power of a woman who will no longer allow her voice to be stilled.

Available on Amazon, and most other book retailers. Ask for it at your local library. 

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A party girl's sassy memoir about how the right hijacked Jesus, and how progressive Christians--the ones who play well with others and have a sense of humor--and the secular can work together to take back God, flag and country. 

Refugee resettlement, so polarizing in the headlines, is actually unifying on the ground.

These are stories of how the American people are proving the pundits wrong, where conservative Christians and the totally secular work together to resettle refugees from all nations and of all faiths.


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Montezuma County Cover the Uncut Version.jpg

A stalwart progressive community in what looks like deep red America stands strong against insular insiders hiding their fear behind hate.


For centuries, wave after wave of newcomers have loved and fought each other in this land of brutal beauty,

And this arid stretch of high desert is, in its own way, a microcosm of America, a land of contradiction and hope.

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