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A raw and hilarious memoir about a woman beating a stage four cancer diagnosis and the malignant relationship that caused it.

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Kate Rice’s life looks pretty good. Triplex apartment with yard in New York City’s Upper West Side. Lake house. Two beautiful kids. A successful husband. The proverbial dog. A job taking her all over the world. Volunteer work, parties, Broadway theater. Surfing off the coast of Mexico. Skiing the Rockies. Taking her family all over the U.S., Europe, Central and South America.


But behind her cheery facade, she hides a secret. A secret that almost kills her. 


She abandons her seemingly safe—but actually deadly—seat in the audience. She steps into the spotlight singing rock ’n roll in a legendary club in Greenwich Village, doing stand-up comedy in basement clubs on the Lower East Side. And when she gets that deadly diagnosis, she leaves New York in the dust, finding her cure in science, in love of friends and family, the grandeur of the mountains,  and finally, within herself.

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A party girl's sassy memoir about how the right hijacked Jesus, and how progressive Christians--the ones who play well with others and have a sense of humor--and the secular can work together to take back God, flag and country. 

Refugee resettlement, so polarizing in the headlines, is actually unifying on the ground.

These are stories of how the American people are proving the pundits wrong, where conservative Christians and the totally secular work together to resettle refugees from all nations and of all faiths.


KRice_cvr_FINAL R L Center_03012021_amazon_digital_edited.jpg
Montezuma County Cover the Uncut Version.jpg

A stalwart progressive community in what looks like deep red America stands strong against insular insiders hiding their fear behind hate.


For centuries, wave after wave of newcomers have loved and fought each other in this land of brutal beauty,

And this arid stretch of high desert is, in its own way, a microcosm of America, a land of contradiction and hope.

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