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Me and My Wiccan

Just kidding!

Well, partially kidding! This is Glastonbury Tor, the world's heart chakra according to some, a power base for the Archangel Michael and a whole bunch of other stuff. It's been a destination for centuries.

So when I was planning this trip to England for an indie author conference and to meet friends old and new, I thought, what the heck, lemme check this out!

I am staying at B&B that's very near the Tor. After I got here yesterday afternoon, I walked up there . It was definitely a scene. Incense, women in flowing robes and dresses , everyone pretty tattted up. As I walked down, two guys about my age, one very fit, the other less so, were walking toward me, guitars on their backs.

The less fit one wanted to stop and chat. "The first time we were here," he said, nodding toward his friend, "it was 1971. We'd met in India."

Of course you did, I thought. And I smiled at them both. "It seems a lot steeper now," the less fit guy said. "We might be too old for it."

"You're not," I said. "Not at all!" And off we went on our separate ways.

Then I went back down into town of Glastonbury and got lost (are you seeing a pattern here?), found a great fish and chips place and came back to my adorable B&B.

The thing about getting lost in a place like Glastonbury, is that people are operating in a multitude of dimensions. So when you're asking how to get somewhere, you're never really sure if you and the person you're talking to are in the same universe or not. I mean, that's true anywhere, but even more so in a place that's long been considered a gateway to all sorts of different worlds!

My B&B hosts, Duncan (who is from Scotland) and Pearl (who is from Ireland), both call me Katie. Normally I don't like being called Katie (except for you, Sheila!) but when they say it in their lilting accents. I like it!

So came back to the B&B and met Julie, a spiritual coach, who is here for two weeks with her Goddess Circle.

It's a group of women who are part of an online group . They are just now meeting IRT, so to speak, and Julie, in fact, thought I might be one of them.

"Heidi?? she said, when I walked in , thinking I was one of her Norwegian compatriots.

"Nope," I said. "Kate."

She was fun to talk to! I said I'd been a little disappointed with the vibes on the Tor and she said, "Yeah, it changes a lot after 5."

And then she pointed out that our B&B is technically on the Tor, and pointed at a good meditation spot. So after she left, that's where I meditated! Until I got too chilly and went inside.

This morning I got up and jogged up. it Much more my kind of crowd at 6:30 a.m. It was a group of women clearly there to contemplate and enjoy the view.

Heidi arrived. She has blonde braids.

So now I'm off to the chapel to walk the ley lines of the archangel Michael and Mary. I am not sure which Mary it is--the HVM (as Catholic school kids say) or Magdalene.

Yesterday, it was 80 degrees and sunny here! England is having an actual summer!

En route the train station, I saw all the preparation for the Glastonbury Festival, which starts next week. Hundreds of thousands, camping out under the stars. So happy to miss it!

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