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Warrior Goddess White Blood Cells Round TWO!

Updated: Feb 16

Here I am back at MD Anderson for round two of Warrior Goddess Blood Cells!

Last time the goal was mostly how safe it was to get the dose I got. Although the biotech team behind the Warrior Goddess White Blood Cells was astounded at the result.

And, on the side effect front, as you may recall, I was fucking fine. Nada. Zippo. Etc.

The goal this time: total cure.

I just learned today that another patient (who I don't know) who had a much more aggressive form of anaplastic thyroid cancer--as in tumors grow so fast they suffocate patients and they have to have a tracheotomy-- was in very bad shape. Well. He, too, got the Warrior Goddess White Blood Cell treatment. Guess what. He is now: Disease Free.

Yeah, baby! 'Nuff said.

Except, should I continue with the original Warrior Goddess image? Or should I go with Jane Fonda in Barbarella?

Whoever I choose--and perhaps I'll just have legions of both!--she and her hundreds of millions of colleagues soon to be returned to me, are, of course, not just going after cancer cells. They're also destroying cultural malignancies that cause cancer and other diseases in women who self silence themselves because that's what good girls do. I know, I didn't look silent. I was a reporter, I was loud at parties. But in my most intimate relationships, I silenced myself. It happens with women a lot. But not with me any more. As you'll hear on next Wednesday's episode of the Mountain Life.

It's a show produced on KPCW--you know, where I'm a volunteer DJ!--and it's also available as a podcast!

No need to save the link--you can be sure I'll tell you!

Meanwhile, today I went over protocols and possible side effects with my immunotherapy doctor and he mentioned something. "Oh yeah," I said, "Can you refresh my memory please? I can't remember how to spell it."

He paused.

"You wrote about it in your book," he reminded me.

Oh, right. Yeah.

I do have to be hospitalized while they monitor me for the side effects that rarely happen with anyone and won't happen to me--I have been asymptomatic of everything for most of this little adventure.

However, I DO get to use the gym this time. It was closed last time due to Covid protocols. and here is a photo of my goal:

Maybe she should be my Warrior Goddess image. I think she's fifty plus. Yeah, baby!

My dear friend Niki in Park City is on this one with me. She and I are almost there! Anyone else want to be our accountability partners? Niki already has the hair nailed!

Meanwhile, I will take your prayers in any way, shape and form. AND, since as of tomorrow, I start dry February, March, April and May, please have a cocktail for me!

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Feb 24

I’m with you Kate and you have my prayers as well!


Toasting you — and my sister. (I can multitask.)

LOVE the images, BTW.

Feb 16
Replying to

Excellent, Nadine!! Thank you!


I like all 3 versions of Warrior Goddesses - #CollectAllThree ! xoox


Go with Jane Fonda!

Feb 15
Replying to



Definitely Barbarella! And I will drink plenty for you, dear friend. Sending you prayers, powerful healing energy and every good wish in the world. You got this, girl! 👊🏻

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